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Munro Signature Installation & Retrieval



Being a specialty rental company, our collection requires specialty handling.  Considering most of our items don’t fold or stack, (and many of them are older than we are!), the packing, transport, set-up, breakdown, retrieval, and return of a Munro order is an art within itself. “Delivery” and “Pick Up” just don’t cut it when it comes to accurately describing what our experienced logistics & warehouse team does, so we’ve developed our signature level of installation and retrieval which is how we deliver each and every one of our orders.

What it includes:

  • Safe transport of your items to your location by our professional and experienced team
  • Setting up all large Munro pieces to layout, including arbors, backdrops, lounges, tables, chairs, and benches
  • Distribution and installation to multiple on-site locations
  • Plastic furniture covers to protect the collection following your event and prior to retrieval
  • Retrieval & removal of all Munro items

We know every client’s needs are different when it comes to installation timelines, so we have also developed three different levels of service.  When booking your order, your rental coordinator will work with you to select the best level of service for your event.

Munro Signature Installation & Retrieval – Standard Service:

Your Munro order installed within the 48 hours prior to your event, and/or retrieved within the 48 hours following your event.

Perfect for:

  • Private residences or other venues that do not have any specific or contractual load-in/load out time frames
  • Clients who are comfortable with waiting until 1-2 weeks prior to their event to receive their installation and retrieval timeframes

We know you don’t need anything else to stress about on event day, so our Standard Service ensures our team arrives on site for installation no later than 3 hours prior to your event start time.

Munro Signature Installation & Retrieval – Priority Service:

Your Munro order installed within a specific 4 hour window within the 48 hours prior to your event, and/or retrieved within a specific 4 hour window within the 48 hours following your event.

Perfect for:

  • Clients who want to confirm their installation and/or retrieval time windows when they reserve their items
  • Clients that want to specify the day and/or time frame of the arrival or retrieval of their order
  • Venues that require same-day installation

Munro Signature Installation & Retrieval – Specialized Service:

Your Munro order installed and/or retrieved at your specific requested time.

Perfect for:

  • Larger and more complex productions that require our team to hit a specific time in your timeline
  • Venues that require load-in immediately prior to your event
  • Venues that require load-out immediately following your event

Flexible on our arrival and installation times, but need a specialized level of service for retrieval? Not a problem – we can mix and match levels of service to meet your needs!

Munro Signature Installation & Retrieval – Fees:

The fees for this vary based on location, order size, items selected, and whether you require Standard, Priority, or Specialized service.  Beginning fees start as follows:

  • Fresno: 
  • Visalia & Merced:
  • Bakersfield & Modesto:

Ready to get a full proposal with the pricing of all your favorite Munro items?  Drop us a line and we’ll get something started for you!

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